Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Parfait by Affintias 'Charlotte' Review (30FF)

Hello Ladies =) please excuse my little absence as I have been quite busy or ill lately which really gets in the way of trying on BEAUTIFUL bras and then writing about them. I hate to make any sort of half hearted effort as I like my reviews to be not only impartial, but thorough to! I have to warn you, this is the first of quite a few reviews which have been in the pipeline for FAR too long. I'm really experimenting with size and cut recently as I am still a growing lady. Such is the case, I will not be doing them in the general 'Bra Quest' style of magical sizing epiphany's or boudoir prancing photos! (more of those soon!)

The 'Charlotte' instantly struck a chord with me when I first saw it reviewed a few times on Bratabase (external link) which described it as having a very tight band. It was quite difficult to source a seller in the UK with reasonable pricing. I am constantly out priced by DD+ and smaller band size lingerie which annoys me to no end. I had my chance to apply a discount and so I did with great joy, at Large Cup Lingerie (external link). Best of all it was free shipping and returns so I had nothing to loose! (and it came in 24 HOURS, I know I know!)
  • Thinly lined balcony style bra. Some people get confused when I say 'Padded' what I really mean is 'thinly lined' or rather 'no nipple showing through'.
  • Fully Adjustable straps
  • 3 hook and eye closure with 3 adjustable settings
  • 30FF, although it runs very tight in the band I would almost say a full band size smaller which is good news for me! (Normal size for me is between 26G-28FF-28G so branching off a bit)
30FF 'Charlotte' Bra in 'Peach'.
Although it is a seamed cup construction, the black panels and seams hardly show through clothing.
Satin like side panel, not exactly sure of its function other than to make it look nice.
Smooth interior cup has the standard shallow balcony cut but has quite some depth in the middle, keep that in mind if you feel that sometimes you do not fill a cup due to depth.

It's probably not safe for work so how about a little jump?
Please excuse my teenage skin (that I'm too old for) which never ever happens until this very day! :O
Centre gore is flat with no quadraboob complaints from me.
I was very surprised at the fit because having previously tried on a few 30F/FF bras and leaving very annoyed (30 bands sometimes my only option) with either the under band hanging off me, or busting out the cups, this was a nice change.
I know that the underband in this bra will eventually have to be fastened on the tightest hook, for this I am prepared to shorten it by a few inches (maybe bring it down to a firm fitting 26).

I appreciate the natural cleavage in this bra as everyone needs one of those days! I dread the day though, that I grow out of this bra as these images were taken on one of my 'smaller days' and I do notice a slight pinching on other days. I think this is going to be an annoying '2nd puberty' trend for the next year or two as(I'm growing taller, and on top of that constantly having to re-measure and ditch some of my favourite bras recently) along with breast tissue migration which I have started to notice a little. Check out more about this subject here via The Butterfly Collection (external link).
It also gives a very good shape under clothing, even in moderately tight and thin t-shirts or jerseys it does not show through and for some reason, it gives a really 'out there' look which I'm not used to but still quite happy with.

Over all I would recommend this particular bra for an introduction to Parfait by Affintias =)

Ejay x

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