Thursday, 4 October 2012

Curvy Kate 'Tempt Me' Review (28G)

Here we go again =)

Previously I had tried on the Curvy Kate 'Showgirl' range 'Tempt Me' in 28F but as you can see it was a horrific fit. Such a bad fit, I could only offer one picture without embarrassment. This put me off a bit, because I tend not to go well in plunge bras due to the cup being too tall for my petite (*cough*short*cough*) frame, leading to gaps at the top.
I was really determined to get a good fit in atleast one plunge bra because LBD's are whining at me from my wardrobe. So I upped the cup to 28FF which had much the same problem which can only be described as a 'Quadraboob nip slip of doom' situation (no gap however).

Regardless I was still very much determined, and so sent those two back with the glee that only Amazon free returns and shipping can offer. I decided to go for the 28G which I can assure you, was considered with that sort of tentativeness one only gets when ordering a bra severely swooned over, that may never fit.
I mean, who DOESN'T want this?:
Curvy Kate's Model, Laura, showing us that 30GG is awesome.

  • Thinly lined plunge style bra (very plunge style!)
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • 3 hook and eye closure with 3 adjustable settings (I believe this to be on FF and above only)
  • The showgirl range is said to run quite loose in the band, but because this bra is brand spanking new, I cannot really comment on this. For me a 28 on the tightest or medium hook is always a compromise (I measure less than 28!).

Anyway I was much surprised at opening the package due to the simply SIZE of the bra, to me it looked like two giant dinner plate sized cups taunting up at me! (I will compare the measurements of the 28F, FF and G on my Bratabase profile soon) But as you can see, it was gorgeous as I had come to expect from Curvy Kate. The beautiful gem stone style colours of the 'Showgirl' range never disappoint and I chose the lovely 'Coral' colour which to me looks a lot more pink.

28G 'Tempt Me' bra in 'Coral'

This is certainly not a tshirt bra due to the lace detailing but it does sit pretty well under most clothes
I love the cute satin like buttons in-between but sometimes they move around a bit too much.

It was difficult to showcase the depth and size of the cups, as the cups are on such a comparatively smaller underband that it does not sit flat when displayed for images (they tilt inwards).

The centre gore sits very low, a true plunge style cup.
 Not safe for work so jump to read on...

Not a 'going to visit relatives' or 'running for the bus' bra.
Some irks, thread at some points plyed out. The edge of the cups sometimes seemed a bit to thick as compared to the rest of the cup. Quite strange as I do not consider this to be a moulded cup bra (it is seamed cut construction).
So finally a beautiful bra to wear on a night out which stays put and isn't too 'tall' for my body! (more on that with the upcoming Freya 'Deco' plunge bra review). I must say, from a full frontal view it does make by bust look very exaggerated from all angles (not just cleavage) which I'm still getting used to and for some reason, I feel a bit of embarrassment from! (hence minimal pictures!)

I believe it to have quite wide underwires which extend behind the breast tissue so ladies, take note if you prefer much narrower underwires. For me this works great as my chest is very round and firm, but not close together by any means.
Some have said they have issues with a teardrop/not top heavy shaped bust and this bra because the bottom is cut to shallow. Personally I do not get this problem, although I was expecting it! The result is quite a bit of cleavage though. If you chest is more top heavy, you may not have to size up as much as I did.

I adore the colours and sort of classic look to the bra, which in my opinion is all to rare with the recent slew of prints and modern shades all over the large cup market at this point. 
A* for Curvy Kate! as I am looking forwards to the new 'Wild Cherry' animal print and 'Midnight Blue' coloured versions.

Who's with me in wanting a long line style of this bra? =D!

Ejay x


  1. I want a longline style ANY bra in my size ):. I love longlines!

    1. Glad someone agrees =) I love longline bras!

  2. That's great that you finally got it to work out for you! I finally decided to try it out (I ended up with a 28HH, I think, with the band altered down), but the cups were way too wide and shallow for me :/ I think it gets worse as the cups get bigger! Sad, because it is a lovely bra.

    1. Yes I do believe at some point I will have to also alter the band down as I think it is a bit stretchy. I find that the wires are very wide, almost out of my comfort zone Per say, but I had to go up cups to get a better fit so I guess that's a small sacrifice to pay for this bra =)
      I hope some of the new Curvy Kate collection turns out better for you, I see they have a couple of interesting ones, perhaps the Smoothie or Gia?

  3. Hi! I'm considering ordering this, do you mind if I ask a few questions? Do you find that the lace is noticeable under clothes? How do you find the straps, are they quite far apart? I have a Curvy Kate Tease Me, which I love but I had to alter the straps because they started in my armpits and slipped off my shoulders - do you think this one is similar? Lovely review - thank you!

    1. Hi there,
      I don't think this could be considered a t-shirt bra but it will go under more heavy materials, just defiantly not stretch jersey. It really comes to its own under v-neck tops or dresses I think its made for that! Other than that its pretty smooth which I like =) For me the straps aren't to bad, where as normally I have the same problem as you do, I can tighten the straps up reasonably and they do not slip, feel quite snug where the straps attach to.
      Hope this helped =)
      Ejay x

    2. That's very helpful thank you. I think I'm going to give it a go.

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