Monday, 2 July 2012

Kelly Brook has made a right Boob out of Bra Sizing

I know nothing about this 'celebrity' other than that she has a clothing and lingerie line in New Look. After a few suggestions from friends, I thought I'd have a poke about online and see the offerings (external link) and perhaps go along to a store and try one or two on...

So far so good...
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You can see for your self these are nice pretty sets with a vintage undertone (something I adore!) but unfortunately the size range is very limited. The typical 32-38 A, B, C and D, with larger sizes (D and above) restrained to 34 inch under bands. I must admit there is a 32E/F which is refreshing (and undoubtedly obligatory considering Kelly's perceived size) but I am skeptical on the fit and quality, as the price is considerably cheap. 
Regardless, I could only ponder how much money New Look could make by expanding their range to fit 28-30 under bands and DD-K range! Although I have a funny feeling this won't happen any time soon.

I was also very happy and a little surprised to see that in the images, Kelly seems to be wearing a bra that fits. She says that she is a 34E and as this size exists in the range I have no reason to think otherwise...

However! I cannot totally vouch for this (as much as I would like to!), because of a few points,

  • I strongly suspect she is not a 34E because she is very slim. It would not be far fetched to suggest that she is about a 30G or 28GG, and that she is obligated to say that she is a 34E for marketing purposes.
  • The images are limited mostly to a front view, therefore no images of potential quadraboob or the underband.
  • Often her hair 'conveniently' covers the underband. Is this covering up a poor fit?
  • The images are likely photoshopped so we can not safely assume anything.
Below, I have put together a selection of images showing (I hope) minimally photo shopped images of Kelly in various lingerie (not from the New Look range). As you can see, not a good fit!

The whole breast is not encased in the bra, especially under the arm pit.
The underband is riding up. The underwire near the arm pit does not go behind the breast tissue.
The cup is too small and the underband is riding up. The underwire is resting on the breast !
No need to say really, the cup is too small!
Now if I'm anything close to being right in my pondering, Kelly is wearing the wrong sized bra in all instances, so New Look or Kelly's PR team are at fault for what I perceive as false advertising.

For kicks, quite soon I shall waltz into a New Look and try on the closest cup volume equivalents of my size (perhaps drowning in a giant underband during the process), and show you what a non photoshopped Brook Bra looks like =)

For now we can just assume, Kelly Brook has made a right boob out of bra sizing.

Ejay x


  1. I love your blog, it inspired me to write this blogpost: Where I linked back to your Marks and Spencers post!

  2. Hey there =)
    I commented on your blog to, and linked to your post in the recommended reading section. I found it very interesting!
    Thanks again
    Ejay x

  3. Definitely NOT a 34E, I'd say 28H/HH.

  4. those bras are all waaay too small in the cup and big in the band on her @.@

    really cute though, I could only hope they make them in (tight) 28s! :P

    1. Remarkably this is one of my most popular posts :P

  5. No way is Kelly Brook a 34 E. She is probably a 30G, as you suggest, and she is gorgeous! Wouldn't it be great if she owned her cup size and helped to end the bizarre stigma attached to any letter on a bra label that's not A, B, C, D or E?

    1. Yes I hope someone in the public eye such as Brook owns up to being above a D cup to 'help the cause' so to speak.
      Thanks for reading


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